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Dr. Sho helps you get what you want in your career, relationships and life. He works with those who are not satisfied with their current situation, and guides them to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Dr. Sho provides you with the skills, tools and feedback necessary to thrive and create the breakthroughs you desire.

You’ll develop a strong foundation in communication, relationship building, conflict resolution and leadership. Fierce First Step supports you to --

  • deepen your relationships
  • attain your professional and personal goals
  • resolve conflicts with people by creating win/win outcomes
  • be better seen, heard and understood
  • live with less stress and anxiety
  • put you -- not negative circumstances -- in charge of your life

Fierce First Step’s mission is not just to provide skills and tools, but to strengthen you internally to meet life’s challenges that so often obstruct you from fulfillment and your goals. If you want change in your life or you’re fed up with creating the same disheartening results, contact Dr. Sho and take that Fierce First Step.