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Sho Aoyagi is a natural, intuitive, instinctive teacher, who can change your life.

-- Bruce Hasenkamp, JD, Former Director of the White House Fellowship Program

Sho’s skills in conflict resolution, facilitation, communications, and group dynamics provided the safety and trust for our members to be honest and solutions-oriented in dealing with our issues. Thank you for helping us to create the breakthrough we needed at this time.

-- Jessalyn Nash, Board of Directors, Recourse Mediation Services

Participating in Fierce First Step has given me the steps that led to opening my own business and achieving a professional dream.

-- Magali Durevil, Restaurateur

I used to be dominated by thundering self-doubt and anxiety both professionally and socially. But now I take more risks to pursue what I really want. Fierce First Step has been an integral part of my unfolding as a courageous and confident person.

-- Harold Valderama, Art Director of a Major Advertising Agency

Sho helped me realize that my midlife crisis was actually a crisis of misplaced efforts. I feel like the wheels have stopped their uncontrollable spinning. I approach work and life now with a greater sense of purpose. I’ve learned to value my work, myself, and particularly my creativity. Because of Sho, I’ve finally learned how to take care of me.

-- Jeff Hannan, President, the Net Imperative

Sho has helped me improve my relationship with my father by coaching me to speak my truth without criticism so that a healthy relationship could form. This work has been invaluable. It has given me the courage to take that fierce first step into life filled with passion, integrity and love.

-- Susan H., Elementary school teacher