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1. Really, I’m Not Interested
•  2. I’m Interested but it’s a Bad Idea
3. Don’t Know What to Say?
4. Know What You Want!
5. Little Things Reveal Big Flaws
6. 3 Date Rule
7. Your Body Language

LIFE 101


I’m Interested but it’s a Bad Idea

Maybe you have the hots for someone and it’s mutual, but because you both work together or perhaps you’re married, it’s not a good idea to pursue it further. Try being open and honest about your feelings instead of flirting by the water cooler and building up sexual tension. Say that you find him/her attractive but since you’re in a committed relationship or because you work together, it’s not going to go any further.

Often when you speak your unspoken truth, it releases the hold the other person has on you. If the person tries to test you by pursuing you, it shows that he/she doesn’t respect your choice and has boundary issues. And if you find you still need the attention from this individual, it might be a good idea to examine the state of your primary relationship--your marriage--it just might need some attention.

These articles are meant to be informative and not to be taken as advice. Every person’s situation is different and the articles may not pertain to your specific situation.

Also, before dealing with any issue with another person or before attempting to look at your own issues, it’s important to consult with an appropriate professional for guidance.